Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dahrio is back

My other cat which was at my mothers house for the past 2,5 years is finally back in my own house!

My mom couldn't take care of him anymore because of her illness.
She has pain everywhere 24/7 and can't even wash her face with just water without having pain.
And because Dahrio is a bit rough with showing his love ( he gives a head-butt in stead of little heads for example) and he walks with you against your leg, and my mom trips over him alot.
So he became an obstacle for her and the best thing to do was to give him to me, so he'd be in a good place, and not far away from her.

In the beginning he was hiding behind the toilet, the morning after he was already walking in the kitchen and our old bedroom.
And now he is already walking around everywhere in the house, still a bit scared of Tommie (my other cat) but that'll be fine in a while.


1 comment:

  1. Ohh Dahrio :D
    He's absolutely the cutest cat in this entire world (and i haven't seen your other cat yet :P)