Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The naked skin

For a photography assignment at school we had to make a photo which showed the naked skin.
I found it a very interesting assignment, as I have always been fascinated by the naked human body and have always wanted to have a photoshoot with a naked model.
*Any folunteers? ^^*

A selfportrait.

Two classmates who are a couple.
I actually made this one like a half an hour before we had to send in the photo's.
It is made in an empty classroom at school, so no studio lights or what so ever. It sucked that there was such bad lightning, but it turned out ok, right? :)
At least my teacher didn't notice, and was proud of my using two models at the same time ^^



  1. ik zou wel willen;)

  2. wie van de 2 (3)?? :D

  3. Wat heb je toch een lekker lichaam :P