Saturday, May 30, 2009

One hectic week

Last week has been a real hectic week...
After having a day off, my brother called me on monday telling me his girlfriend had given birth to their daughter!
We were all real excited and wanted to take a visit the next day.

On Tuesday my boyfriend Marc were rung by his father that his grandfather (Jaap) wasn't doing well, he was having a hard time breathing and his heartbeat was slowing down real fast. The nurses had told him that it was better if he'd call the family now.. So we went to the hospital in Almelo. Once we arrived at his room he was doing a little bit better, his breathing was stabilised.
Also, it was Jaaps 78th birthday that day..

When I called my dad to ask if he still wanted to visit my brother with us, he told me that it was already too late, because the nurses and taken away their daughter from them, because they thought my brother and his girlfriend weren't able to take of her!
My brother and his girlfriend were devastated.

On Wednesday we were rung again and so we spent another day in the Hospital, hoping that everything would turn out ok again.
We went back home around 23.30 and went to bed around 01.00, then at 03.10 we were rung by Marcs father that Jaap had died in his sleep a few minutes ago.
So we pulled on the first clothes we could find in the room and went to the hospital again for the last time.

So we cleaned the room in the hospital, took all of grandpa's clothes with us, and went back home to begin all the stress of taking care of his funeral.

Everyone was really tired and stressed that day because they have had no sleep at all, and everything had to be taken care off; the cards for the funeral had to be made, printed and send to family and friends before 19.00, the death notice had to be made and send to the newspaper the same day, the chest had to be chosen, the clothes had to be picked out and so on.
At 21.00 we went to the mortuary to see Jaap in his chest. It was beautiful and he looked so peaceful.

After seeing grandpa, we went back home to my father to also give him an invitation to the funeral. That evening he told us that my brother is going to concern a trial to get back his daughter.

On Friday a lady was coming by to take care of the funeral. She was writing down some stuff about Jaap, and she showed us all the songs and prayers that could be sung during the funeral, and we had to pick out some of them. It took so long, because there were so many things to read and so many things to choose from, but at the end we found stuff that really fits with grandpa so it would still be personal, and not a standard speech.

And today, after finally having a night to sleep, we went shopping for some formal clothes we could wear at the funeral.

The condolence will be on Monday at 17.00 - 18.00 and the funeral is being held on Tuesday morning at 10.30.Jaap at the all you can eat wok on his birthday last year.

Rest gently, Japie.


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