Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Steal this.. Project

In art history class we had to make groups and think of our own streetart project.
We could make graffity, print stickers or t-shirts and all that stuff.
So I formed a group with Stefan and Mark and we were thinking of all the thefts in big cities and so we came up with this idea:
We are going to print stickers and attach them on, for example, a brick wall. The sticker will say then "Steal this wall".
But we also want to make t-shirts which will say "Steal this shirt" and hand them out to people.

We came up with this idea beacause there are a lot of thefts and we want to make clear that stealing is useless by telling people to steal things you can't steal (like a brick wall, a building or a shirt someone's wearing).

Photo's of the designs will be uploaded soon :) is our website, it is in Dutch though :)


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